of Prayer

It doesn’t take but a cursory reading of the Gospel accounts to see that one of the critical practices of Jesus was prayer. Jesus throughout his life goes looking for places to pray away from the crowds, at times spends all night praying with others, and constantly urges His followers to pray.

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Imaginative Prayer | Mark 15:21-39

Though some practices of prayer are lacking or misunderstood in certain circles, we want to lean into them for our focus on the discipline of prayer. One such practice is imaginative prayer. If you’ve been journeying with us, congratulations! You’ve engaged in the practice of imaginative prayer for 10 weeks! As a reminder, Ignatius of Loyala (1491-1556) called this contemplation. Ignatius was convinced that God can speak to us by the power of the Spirit as surely through our imaginative efforts in Scripture as through our thoughts and memories of Scripture.