Everyday evangelism.

That’s why we’re calling it e90.

WHY e90?

We believe that Jesus loves all people, and wants all people to come to know Him and trust in Him. We also believe that when God’s people pray and seek after Him, He answers. That is why, as a church family, we have dedicated 90 days of 2022 to prayer. We want everyone to choose 9 specific people in our families, in our neighborhoods, and in our workplaces, and pray that they would be open to learning more about Jesus.


Starting on Sunday, January 16, we want to commit as a church family to pray for 90 seconds each day for 90 days for 9 people, that God would open doors and hearts for the gospel. Everyone. Everywhere. Everyday evangelism. 

90 Days

January 16, 2022 through
Good Friday, Apri 15, 2022

90 Seconds

90 seconds a day –
that’s 10 seconds per person!
(or longer as you feel led, of course)

9 people

Choose 9 specific people in your family, neighborhoods, or workplace, and pray that they would be open to learning more about Jesus.

Share Your God Moment:

Is God opening a door with someone you are praying for? Even just a crack? We want to know about it! Share your story and encourage others during e90.

It was tough picking just 9, but prayed about that too! I am praying for neighbors, family, a former boss, and a contractor in our business. Glad for the reminder that even brief prayer for others can keep them at the forefront of our minds for even more prayer for them throughout the day. With today's circumstances, I don't see my neighbors as frequently as I used to, but after renewing my prayers for a particular neighbor, I ran into him at the hardware store! God provided the opportunity for us to reconnect!


It has been really good for my soul, heart and mind. I didn't expect it to be so impactful. It has softened my heart, caused me to write letters (which I hate to do) and opened my ears to conversations about God around me.


It has been a great experience even bearing fruit. I had contact with two of them on my list that I haven't talked to in years. I didn't initiate either one. I also added the name unknown to the list and it's been fun looking for that person. Thank you Christ Community.


I'm REALLY liking the e90! It's holding me accountable to do what I need to do. Most of my 9 are neighbors and it is motivating me to reach out more to them - do dinner, planning a Ladies Night, etc. God has been reminding me that the gospel is HIS good news. I am an ambassador to tell others this wonderful news - and there's no hard feelings if they choose to do nothing with it and everything for them to gain if they do indeed do something with it.


It has been a humbling experience to pray for salvation for others on a consistent basis. I have prayed for certain people to come to accept Jesus from time to time before. But not as part of a sustained and intentional prayer schedule. It has heightened my awareness of our mission as Christians to share who Jesus is with others.


This season of intentional prayer has been so encouraging! 2 of the people on my list who have lived in KC for a while but haven't connected with a community and had been wondering in their faith for a while have started attending Christ community with my husband and me regularly. I am in a women's study with one of them. She sent me a text a few days ago saying that she feels like God is working through this church and study and that she is feeling encouraged and hopeful. Through my personal time in the study, I have been taken back again by the open nature of the gospel, the invitation to all to join in partnership with God, and the significance of Christ taking on all traits of humanity as a way to truly know and experience life alongside us.


The Four Chapter Story

What is “The Four Chapter Story”? So glad you asked. Read this helpful article for an explanation.

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Handout / Bookmark

The handout has space to list your 9 and a daily habit tracker. Carry it with you or use it as a bookmark for your journal to help you stay on track praying for your 9. Download and print your own, or pick one up at your campus.


Companion Journal

You can pick up a 90-day Companion Journal at your campus, or download a PDF copy below for digital journaling.




If you have not signed up for theFormed.life, do it now! You will receive daily encouragement, practical disciplines, and reminders to pray for your 9 people during this season.