Consider How God Sees the People Around Us | 03

AUTHOR: Holy Scripture


Read or listen to Proverbs 23:19–21.

Listen, my son, and be wise;
keep your mind on the right course.
Don’t associate with those who drink too much wine
or with those who gorge themselves on meat.
For the drunkard and the glutton will become poor,
and grogginess will clothe them in rags.

What three commands do you find in verse 19? How is wisdom related to the mind in this verse?

The written Scripture is CSB, however, the audio Scripture is ESV.


Think about your closest friends. Write down the name of a friend you want to encourage today.


Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see the friend you named with his eyes. What do you see? Pray for him or her according to the insight you gained and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can encourage your friend.


Week 3 of 8 Contemplation


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