AUTHOR: Caleb Jenkins


John 8:12-30


As we continue our journey through the Gospel of John, watch this five minute video preparing us for the upcoming Sunday passage so we can reflect on it this week.


Consider these questions this week as we approach the sermon for Sunday:

  • Where do you need God’s light to shine this week?
  • Where do you need God’s light to shine this week? Ask Him to show Himself to you as the Light of the Whole World in that area and guide you to wholeness.

Spend some time in prayer and reflection about the key question from today’s video.


Week 5 of 10 Study


  1. Justin@leawood

    This morning I woke up with a LinkedIn notification from a former colleague and I found myself comparing and then discontent and anxious.

    Verse 12 was helpful from todays passage- Jesus, be my Light and guide. Help me to see me how You see me. Help me to see my past and my current circumstances with Your Light. Help me to bring Your Light to my family and the people that I will work with today and this week.

    • Caleb Jenkins

      Thanks for your vulnerability Justin! Lifting you up this morning for Jesus to be your light and guide

  2. Cate J

    I like the reflection question, “Where do you not feel seen because of the darkness around you?” I have felt my light flickering or dim lately in my home and I’m sure Jesus felt the pain of all the brokenness of the world, wanting His light to be seen, to penetrate and be received. I pray this week for His strength to have His light shine through me.

    Thank you for the explanation of the festival.

    • Caleb Jenkins

      Thanks Cate! That’s so true that it can be hard to feel the light when there is pain around us. But Jesus does promise if we’re following Him, that we won’t ultimately walk in darkness because we have His light within us, even if we may feel like we’re in darkness. Lifting you up this morning!


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