AUTHOR: Reid Kapple

Campus Pastor - Olathe

John 7:37-39


As we continue our journey through the Gospel of John, watch this five minute video preparing us for the upcoming Sunday’s passage and so we can reflect on it this week .


Consider these questions this week as we approach the sermon for Sunday:

  • Do you find yourself lost and unsatisfied in life? Come to Jesus the living water and thirst no more.
  • Maybe you are a follower of Jesus and you still find yourself unsatisfied. Is it possible that you have dammed up the living water inside you that was meant to flow out of you to bless others?

Spend some time in prayer and reflection about the key question from today’s video.


Week 4 of 10 Study

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  1. Cate J

    Well said. The damming up really requires good reflection. My initial thought is that it starts with not being present to and transformed by the life-giving and thirst-quenching qualities of Jesus. If we are, then it should naturally flow, like good news.


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