AUTHOR: Bill Gorman

Campus Pastor - Brookside

John 6:16-21


As we continue our journey through the Gospel of John, watch this five minute video to prepare us for the upcoming Sunday’s passage so we can reflect on it this week.


Consider these questions this week as we approach the sermon for Sunday:

  • Where do you need to hear the King over chaos say: Do not be afraid?
  • Where do God’s people need to hear: Do not be afraid?
  • Where are you not expecting Jesus to show up? Start looking for Him there.

Spend some time in prayer and reflection about the key question from today’s video.


Week 2 of 10 Study


  1. Justin@leawood

    Read the passage a few times and didn’t get much out of it. But then I watched the video and found that and the questions quite insightful and helpful. Thx, Bill and team!

  2. Cate J

    “Jesus had not yet come to them.” I feel like this could preface everything we experience that is lacking in our lives. A limited experience of Jesus coming to us. And unlike those in the boat, we have Jesus fully now. And our “never having learned to expect Jesus in that way” leads us to have an on-going limited experience of His presence and understanding of who He is and wants to be for us. May we all grow in that.

  3. Harold S

    Navigating over-water at night can be very stressful and likely cause difference in opinion on what to do – especially with a storm brewing. Should we go to Capernaum without Jesus or wait for him here? Weather doesn’t look so good, so maybe we should wait? I’ve done this a million times, just hang-on! … Regardless, I envision all the disciples were focused on their “work” – getting across the treacherous sea, at night (with no GPS). One person responsible for navigation, others on the oars, and still others giving timely and helpful suggestions (ha ha). Then in the midst of their all-out focus on getting across the sea, the most unexpected event happens!

    How do I react during stressful events when I’m surprised? Not normally too well. Imagine the relief when they realized this unknown phenomenon was actually Jesus, and then suddenly finding themselves at their destination embraced by their soon to be Savior. To revisit Ecclesiastes, they got satisfaction – a lasting satisfaction that we continue to return to when we cross rough seas on our own; “ and somehow, to attain the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.” Phil 3:11-12

    • Cate J

      Love this!


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