Reflecting on Proverbs 23:19-35

AUTHOR: Holy Scripture

Growing in Wisdom


Proverbs 23:19-35. What wisdom can you apply to your life from these proverbs?


As we say “no” to ourselves in fasting, we can say “yes” to others in generosity. Fasting and generosity have always gone hand in hand (Isaiah 58). Where is God guiding you to be generous with the resources you’ve saved by not eating during your fast this week? Make a plan to do this each week, and journal what God does through your generosity and prayer.


Pray for God’s blessing to come in the form of wisdom rather than outcomes.



Week 6 of 7 Fasting

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  1. Justin@leawood

    What does todays passage warn us to avoid? Turning to wine, food, and out of bounds sex to satisfy some desire. All these have an allure, a sparkle (v31). But they also have a nasty bite later (vv21, 27-30, 35). These idols demand sacrifices and enslave.

    I appreciate that the fasting helps me to somehow feel more in control over my appetites and desires.

    V24 about wise sons also speaks to me today as my teen sons are getting older and this summer and their first paychecks is a good time to give them more freedom concerning the money they earn and teach them about wise use of that freedom. Todays passage has several good lessons

    Where is the Good news in todays passage? Todays passage is a warning, and we don’t warn those whom we don’t love. God loves us enough to instruct us in the ways of life


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