Going Deeper: Ecclesiastes & Wisdom Literature

AUTHOR: Holy Scripture


James 3:13-18. How does this passage reveal what heavenly wisdom is like? What does it look like in our relationships?


As we reach the end of our study in the wisdom literature of Scripture, we need to listen to the entire biblical witness about wisdom. Take the next 6 minutes to watch the BibleProject video on the Book of Ecclesiastes and its unique perspective on wisdom.


Where do you need God’s wisdom in your relationships today? Pray that God would provide for those needs and that you would trust Him to do so.


Week 7 of 7 Fasting

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  1. Justin@leawood

    I appreciated the video this morning and the encouragement to exercise control over my attitude. I can get tempted to compare to others or expectations, and I’m encouraged to run the race marked out for me today and do my best with that


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