Reflecting on Acts 13:16-41

AUTHOR: Holy Scripture

Reflecting on the Gospel


Acts 13:16-41. Read the passage 2-3 times. What is the gospel according to this passage? What has God done, and what should our response be?


It is important to continually reflect on the gospel and ensure our understanding of the good news is rooted in Scripture. Spend a few minutes journaling your reflections on this Scripture passage. How can you preach the gospel to yourself today?


 Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray for them to better understand the good news.


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  1. Justin@leawood

    What is the gospel according to this passage?the gospel
    – Is part of Gods big story through Abraham, Israel, David, and the prophets
    – Jesus is better than two of the biggest heroes in the story, David and Moses. David was Israels greatest king, a man after Gods own heart, but died and remained dead. The law of Moses, proclaimed in the Psalms as sweet and good, could not free is from sin. But Jesus can!
    – Jesus can be rejected (vv26-33)
    – The gospel is an offer of forgiveness through Jesus and freedom from slavery to sin (v39)

    What has God done, and what should our response be?
    – God chose Israel (v17)
    – Made the people great in Egypt
    – Led them out
    – Put them in the wilderness
    – Destroyed nations before them
    – Gave them land
    – Gave them judges
    – Gave them a king upon request
    – Removed that king
    – Raised up David to be king
    – Brought Israel a savior in Jesus
    – Raised JC from the dead
    – Fulfilled his promise to Israel by raising Jesus
    What should our response be?
    – be more aware and appreciative of God orchestrating things in our lives, even opposition (v27)
    – Allow Jesus to be our savior and leader. Receive forgiveness through him and live in freedom from sin

    God has led me throughout my life. Even the wrongs that others have done to me are part of fulfilling his good will for me.

  2. Anne McDonald

    Thank you, Justin, for listening to God’s voice in your ear and giving us the gift of this succinct and accurate view of His story.


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