Redemption | Rehearsing the Four Chapter Story

AUTHOR: Ben Laur

Associate Pastor - Olathe Campus

Colossians 2:6-15. Reflect on how this passage shows God’s redemption and how things can be made right.


The Four Chapter Story is a helpful way to both understand and communicate the gospel. Discussing even just one of the chapters with a non-believer can be a huge step in your process of sharing the gospel. Journal about this passage and how you have seen God make things right in your life this week. Praise God for His work of redemption.


Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray that they would experience God’s redemption.

Day 77 of 90

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  1. Justin@leawood

    This isn’t an easy passage! I’ll examine using three questions that can be applied to any passage-

    1) How bad is sin?
    – we can be misled into believing wrong things that seem appropriate to people around us (v8)
    – we were “dead” in our erroneous and rebellious against God ways (v13)

    2) How good is God’s grace?
    – God filled us with Christ (v10)
    – God made us alive and forgave us (v13-14)
    – God triumphed over bad spiritual forces (v15)

    3) How should we respond to Gods grace?
    – giving thanks to God (v7)
    – we should walk in Christ (v6), not being misled (V8)
    – we do not need to abide by certain practices as if we needed to pay off a debt since we have been forgiven (v13-16ff)
    – we can live with some sense of victory and absence of fear because Christ has overcome (v15)

    Reflection- I’ve heard several people tell me lately that “God would want me to be happy” as a rationale for leaving difficult situations or relationships or doing things that the Bible disapproves of. It takes a close knowledge of Gods Word to know when we are being misled (v8, 16ff) Perhaps deeper happiness doesn’t come from doing the trespasses that caused us death and that we were forgiven from (v13) , but rather learning how to live in victory (v15)


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