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Re-read the passage from Tuesday (Acts 26:1-29). What new insights do you have?


Read the brief description of a missional habit at theFormed.life, and take a concrete step toward developing that habit today.


Sharing the Gospel

As we conclude our 90 days of prayer today, we hope this journey was meaningful, knowing God was at work and that He will continue to move through your prayers. Our journey to grow in personal evangelism and witnessing to others continues. We would like you to take time to reflect on what you have learned about the gospel throughout e90, and practice how you would share the good news about Jesus’ death and resurrection with an unbeliever. Articulating the gospel clearly and sharing how it has transformed you is a powerful skill and habit that God can use to lead others to Him.

Today, practice developing the habit of sharing the gospel with others.

  • Ask God to help you better understand and articulate your understanding of the good news.
  • Write out a one sentence explanation of the gospel.
  • Write out how you would explain the gospel in two minutes to an unbeliever.
  • Reflect on and make an outline of how you would explain the gospel in a longer conversation (15-30 minutes) over coffee or a meal. What questions would you ask the other person as you share the good news with them? How would you explain what difference the good news and following Jesus has made in your life?



Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray that they would hear how following Jesus makes a difference in your life.

Day 89 of 90

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  1. Justin@leawood

    These are good questions to reflect on … tomorrow 🙂
    From todays passage, I appreciate-
    – Pauls content is pretty amazing and humbling. It’s easy to think we know so much more than people 50, 100 years. 2000 years ago? Same issues and struggles that we can relate with

    – so thankful that God turned Paul and sent him to bring light to Gentiles. All of us non-Jews! So we and others can have forgiveness of sins and a place with those who have been sanctified (v18)

    Yesterday and todays passages help me see that the fundamental problem according to these summary gospel passages is not loneliness or happiness, but forgiveness of sins. Without forgiveness, our friends and neighbors are alienated from God and people in the most meaningful ways.

    Let’s live like we are forgiven and may our 9 know forgiveness of their sins


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