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Re-read the passage from Tuesday (Jonah 3:1-4:11). What new insights do you have?


Read the brief description of a missional habit, and take a concrete step toward developing that habit today.


Invitation to Church

As we draw to the end of our e90 journey, we want to encourage you to think about who you could invite to join us for an Easter service. As you have been praying for others these past months, it would be a great next step of faith to ask some of your 9 to check out our church. The worst that can happen to a gracious, open invitation is that some say no, while others could surprise you and say yes. A Lifeway Research poll from 2019 found that 35% of unchurched people would attend a church service if someone they personally knew invited them. While that might not seem like a lot, if your group of 9 was similar to those surveyed, that would mean 3 of them would be willing to attend church with you if asked.

Today, make a plan to invite at least one of your 9 to join you at church for Easter.

  • Pray through your 9, asking God to open their hearts to your invitation.
  • Decide for which of them an invitation to church would be a good next step. (It is likely more than you might think!)
  • Think about how you could reduce barriers for them to attend church. Perhaps you might offer to give them a ride, to grab coffee before or brunch after, or sit with them during the service. If they are interested, explain what a typical church service looks like and the significance of each worship element so they know what to expect, etc.
  • Make a plan to invite them to church and follow through with it.

Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray that they would experience God’s love for them at a church service this Easter.

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  1. Justin@leawood

    Love how this times well with our upcoming Easter service. A timely application and challenge for me to invite my neighbors on my list. The 35 percent stat and observation that 3 would come is encouraging. I have also found that a personal invitation is often well received

    • Justin@leawood

      In revisiting this passage, I notice that the people respond to Jonah’s very simple message and that God indeed shows himself to then as a “gracious God and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, and relenting from disaster.” A good encouragement as we think about inviting

  2. Nick Clark

    Bullet number 3 under make a plan is so important. People are more likely to show up of you offer a ride or plan to meet for coffee before or lunch after. And definitely sit with them in the service. If they have never been to church before or in a long time, take the time to talk about what will happen in the service. Especially communion at the end; don’t let them be surprised by that. Love this invitation strategy.


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