Fasting & Feasting on Ecclesiastes 1:1-18

AUTHOR: Holy Scripture


Ecclesiastes 1:1-18 Read the passage for this upcoming Sunday. What insights do you have? What questions?


Pick a meal today and fast as you are able (we recommend lunch). Instead of eating, take time to pray. Over the course of these seven weeks together, we will be working toward a 24 hour fast. For now, let’s start with one meal.


Take the time you would have spent eating to ask God to bless this season of fasting, not only for you personally, but for our entire Christ Community family.

Lord, what do you want to reveal to us? What do you want to do among us? What do you want to do through us? Give us ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to understand.


Week 1 of 7 Fasting

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  1. Justin Der

    How bad is sin?
    We keep putting our hope in the things that cannot provide lasting satisfaction. Some things include lasting contribution, seeing and accomplishing new things, and acquiring wisdom and knowledge.

    How good is God’s grace?
    He has not left us to this vanity and endless pursuit. In Ecclesiastes, He is going to teach us to steer us away from the things that don’t satisfy and lead us to what really matters. Moreover, the book was written by the son of David (v1), to whom God had made a covenant, that He would love, guide, and correct him. David’s son is here to teach and guide us.

    How should we respond to God’s grace?
    Listen and hope for what’s to come. Have some humility– Solomon had it all and it didn’t satisfy. Also gratitude for God teaching us and not leaving us on our own to make empty pursuits.


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