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Acts 26:1-29. What can you learn about evangelism from Paul as he witnessed even while imprisoned? What does this story reveal about his attitude and motivation for evangelism?


As we continue our growth in evangelism, we need to hear stories of how God has worked through this practice. Now listen in as Doug Croy from our Brookside Campus shares how he’s seen God work. How does his story encourage or challenge you in your own witnessing?



Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray for opportunities to engage them in spiritual conversations. 




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  1. Justin@leawood

    What an encouraging story, Doug! Way to go God and Gods people! Wish we could have a seen a Facebook photo of Daniel.

    I invited one of my nine on Sunday to come join our family at Easter service and asked another neighbor yesterday. Praying for opportunity to invite two more that I’ve been praying for (it will likely take a door knock, which is ok) If they come, I hope that others who sit around me will be welcoming. Let’s all be a little more aware of those who sit near us this Sunday.


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