Sharing Even If I Have a Fear of Rejection

AUTHOR: Dawn Heckert

Questions and Barriers About Evangelism


Matthew 10:5-31. How does Jesus instruct His disciples to respond to rejection and opposition? How does that relate to us, who do not experience the same kind of systematic persecution faced by Jesus’ earliest followers?

Sharing Even If I Have a Fear of Rejection

If you have met or know Arleta O’Connell like I know Arleta, you know she loves Jesus and serves His family. She has been part of the fabric of Christ Community for over 20 years and has helped support multiple ministries and launch care initiatives like Special Deliveries for new moms. I got to know Arleta as a sweet and loving worker in Early Childhood Ministries who connects with leaders and children on Sunday mornings.  

Arleta has been a great champion of our focus to equip and support parents to share their faith and lead in the home. But she also felt that her story of coming to faith and her relationship with Jesus was a private one not told to strangers or even shared with her grandchildren. However at the fall Family Ministry training, we talked about the power of sharing our stories. Arleta’s courage grew, and God provided the perfect moment for her to tell her story on the drive home after her grandson’s Saturday baseball tournament. 

Arleta felt sharing in the car seemed so natural. Her grandson always asked to hear stories, and she indulged him with many about his childhood or their family. However, the Spirit prompted her to tell her own story this time, of knowing Jesus, loving Jesus, and the promise of eternal life with Him in heaven. Arleta made sure that he knew if anything happened to her, she would be in heaven with her Savior. Arleta’s son was also in the car and heard her story.

As she recounted the moment with her grandson to me, her smile was glorious. What had felt like an intimidating moment turned out to be so beautiful that she also made a point of sharing her story with her granddaughter and daughter. 

Our imperfect faith stories are made perfect through Jesus and His work. Our willingness to talk about where He has met us


Pray that God would give you boldness to share your story of coming to know Him. Ask God to even bring to mind those who would be encouraged to hear how He is working in your life. Trust the Spirit’s prompting for the moment to be right. Remember our imperfect faith stories are made perfect through Jesus and His work.



Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray for God to bless them.

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  1. Justin@leawood

    How does Jesus instruct his disciples to respond to rejection and persecution?
    V13- “let your peace return to you”- don’t let rejection bother you?
    V14-15- move on and leave them in the Lords hands?
    Vv16-18 be wary, not trusting, knowing that some in your audience will be hostile to you and seek to harm you
    Vv19-20 trust that the Spirit of God will speak through you when you are under attack
    Vv21-22 you will be hated by even closest relations because of Jesus (and your testimony about Him)
    V22- endure and persevere
    V23- keep moving on to those who will listen
    V24-25- expect resistance and attack and speaking ill of you. They did this to Jesus, whom we follow. And He was perfectly loving and wise and powerful. How much more will they do it to us


    Blog reflection- glad to open the reading and see “a post from our own Dawn”! And then to see that Arleta is the hero of the story and to picture her gentleness and warmth and to hear how she is growing and taking steps of faith and passing on stories of

    I also appreciate the specific prayer guidance today. Thx!

  2. Cathy

    Thanks Justin! Great simple review of the text


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