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John 4:1-30. What can you learn about evangelism from Jesus’ interaction with the Samaritan woman?


As we continue our growth in evangelism, we need to hear stories of how God has worked through this practice. Now listen in as Paige Wiley from our Downtown Campus shares how she’s seen God work. How does her story encourage or challenge you in your own witnessing?



Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray for opportunities to engage them in spiritual conversations.



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  1. Susie Rowan

    Paige, this was a beautiful story and very well communicated. I love that you just made a friend- a person not a project. Thank you for being “in tune with the Holy Spirit”.

  2. Justin@leawood

    Good memories of college evangelism! Way to put yourself out there and be intentional, Paige!

    It would be fun to get together with others with college evangelism stories in person, talk about those, pray for those people from college together, and share and sharpen about our own walks with Jesus and evangelism today

  3. Scott Wright

    Praise the Lord that you were in tune with Christ to see where He was working. Another person has joined the Kingdom because of your willing heart. All glory to our Savior.


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