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Re-read the passage from Tuesday (Acts 4:23-31). What new insights do you have?


Read the brief description of a missional habit at theFormed.life, and take a concrete step toward developing that habit today.


Prayer Walking

Our physical context matters. We are each embodied beings who occupy a finite amount of space in a specific geographical location. As we bear witness to Jesus in that space we ought to know more about where we are and what God’s heart for it is.

This is why prayer walking is such an important spiritual discipline. Prayer walking is just what it sounds like. Pray while taking a walk (keeping eyes open for personal safety of course!), and let what you see and experience motivate your prayer. This practice encourages us to learn more about our neighborhoods while dialoguing with God about what we see. The walking component, as opposed to driving, is integral to this practice. While driving, the outside world rushes past and we notice less of our surroundings. Walking enables us to slow down and observe where we are.

Today, practice prayer walking.

  • Take a ten minute walk in an area where you live, work, or play.
  • Before walking, ask the Spirit to bring to your attention what you should pray for.
  • Be observant about what you encounter on your walk and allow those things to inspire your prayers. Perhaps you might pray for your neighbors as you pass their homes. You might pray for people who cross your path. You might pray for businesses to thrive as you walk by them.
  • After your walk, reflect on your experience. What did God bring to mind? What did you learn about this neighborhood?

Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray that you would notice opportunities to connect with them on a deeper level.

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  1. Justin@leawood

    Good idea to do a prayer walk again! I had a good experience last time.

    Any men out there who would like to dig into a Formed.Life with other men?
    Next Thursday (3/31) at 7 am, any interested men have an opportunity to do this with others, at Leawood campus. We will examine what the gospel is according to Romans 8:1-11 (that day’s Formed.Life) and preach the gospel to one another. Then we will hear from our church elder Dan Gurley re: a vision and proposal for bringing every man at Christ Community closer to Christ and other men. RSVP requested to justincder@gmail.com


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