Fall | Rehearsing the Four Chapter Story

AUTHOR: Ben Laur

Associate Pastor - Olathe Campus

Psalm 14:1-7. Reflect on how this passage shows the way the world is, and how that departs from what God intended.


The Four Chapter Story is a helpful way to both understand and communicate the gospel. Discussing even just one of the chapters with a non-believer can be a huge step in your process of sharing the gospel. Journal about this passage and how you have seen this during your week. Lament the brokenness and confess where you see those things in yourself. Receive God’s forgiveness.


Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray for them to recognize their need for God as Savior.

Day 70 of 90

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  1. Justin@leawood

    This week I have spoken with people who say in their hearts “there is no God.” And I have unconsciously said this in my heart myself, when I have worried and been afraid and felt alone.

    The good news from this passage is there is a God. It is the fool who says “there is no God.” (V1) While we do not naturally seek him or understand (v2), and while we may see Gods people being consumed by evil people (v4), and while and the poor are oppressed, there IS a God who sees (v2). He is the Lord of heaven. He is a God who sees and rescues and brings salvation (v7). So we can call upon him for our fears and worries today and hope.

    Lord, we lift up our struggles and burdens to You today. Turn the hearts of our 9 so that they will seek you. Let us all not be fools who say in our hearts “there is no God” and live like we are all on our own, having only the strength within to draw upon. May we tap into Your Strength and Love.


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