The Word Became Flesh | John Sermon Series

Written By Holy Scripture

Read: John 1:14-18

Focus: Growth in our individual understanding of God’s word is best done communally through worship with one another. Join our church family at one of our campuses to study the gospel of John together and hear God’s word for us.

Prayer: As you prepare to gather with the church today, pray that God would give us personally and corporately the willingness and ability to receive what is good for our walk with Him today.


Week 3 of 3 Study


  1. Justin Der

    Checking this out and curious if anybody else is interested in posting responses to these and how they show up

    • Jeannie Lucas

      Hey Justin, we would love to have responses to our posts! Feel free to add comments any time. We DO review comment prior to approval because, well, SPAM. Thanks for adding to the discussion.


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