Reflecting on Luke 24:44-53

AUTHOR: Holy Scripture

Reflecting on the Gospel


Luke 24:44-53. Read the passage 2-3 times. What is the gospel according to this passage? What has God done, and what should our response be?


It is important to continually reflect on the gospel and ensure our understanding of the good news is rooted in Scripture. Watch this four-minute video from the BibleProject to understand what the word ‘gospel’ means according to the Bible. Spend a few minutes journaling your reflections on the video and this Scripture passage. How can you preach the gospel to yourself today?


Pray for your 9 for 90 seconds; pray for them to better understand the good news. 


Day 5 of 90


  1. Justin Der

    I appreciated the focus on gospel today. It was refreshing to read about repentance for forgiveness of sins.

    btw- When I reviewed this post on my phone, the video link opened up a “historical context” video rather than the euongelion one. But on my laptop the link is fine.

    • Jeannie Lucas

      noted and fixed. Thanks!

  2. Jeannie Lucas

    Hi friends, if you linked to this post early today you may have watched the BibleProject video about the New Testament. It was great! BUT not the video we intended to share. Check out the video above about the word study: EUANGELION. We’d love to hear your comments about this video! (Sorry for the mix up!)


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