God’s Presence in Silence | Five Minutes of Quiet

Written By Holy Scripture

Read: Reread one of the passages from earlier this week.
Genesis 1:1-2:1-3 READ > | LISTEN >
Psalm 33:1-22 READ > | LISTEN >
Proverbs 8:22-36 READ > | LISTEN >

What new insights do you have?

Focus: One of John’s main themes is how the personal presence of the God of Israel became human in the person of Jesus. Today believers can experience God through the Holy Spirit. In a world full of noise, inputs, and distractions, practicing the discipline of silence in God’s presence with the Holy Spirit has the potential to be life altering.

Find a place to quiet your mind and whole self in order to attend to God’s presence. Set an alarm for five minutes to assist you as you focus.

After the time of silence, journal about your experience.

  • Was it easy/fine/difficult?
  • Did it feel long or short?
  • What did God bring to mind? To-do lists? People? Feelings? Ideas? Why do you think those things came to mind?

Pray: Spend some time in prayer about what God brought to mind during your time of silence.


Week 2 of 3 Study


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