Prayer to The God With Us | Prayer for the Church

AUTHOR: Holy Scripture

Prepare yourself for worship and the preaching of God’s word.

Read: Isaiah 41:1-20

Focus: After spending the last week meditating on Scripture that reveals the character of God, let us pray in response to The God With Us. Take a moment to pray for yourself, others at your campus, your pastor, and all campuses of Christ Community.

Pray: You are invited to pray this written prayer, or write your own prayer.

Lord, there are many things in this world that intimidate us and threaten our sense of security
and peace.

When we face circumstances that cause us to fear or feel alone, help us to face them with a sense
that you are Immanuel – The God With Us.

While we may feel a need for answers or for security, what we need most is an assurance that you
are near to us.

Thank you for giving us your son in the person of Jesus, that you may be with us more tangibly
than ever before.

Let us face life trusting your promise to be with us always. In Jesus – our Immanuel’s name we pray,

Prepare: After you’ve spent some time in prayer, check out the video below for a preview of what to expect in this week’s


Week 4 of 5 Study


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Praying Through God’s Word  | 04

Praying Through God’s Word | 04

Prayer tills the soil of the soul to receive the word of God. Take time today resting, delighting and listening to God in prayer. Take 10 minutes today to pray for God to speak afresh through His word, and that you would have “ears to hear and eyes to see” His truth and direction.

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