Taking the Simple Next Step | Putting Simplicity Into Practice

Written By Ben Laur

Associate Pastor - Olathe Campus

Read: Re-read the passage from Monday. What new insights do you have?

Focus: The disciplines are practices that the Spirit of God often uses to do His work of shaping us to be more like Jesus. In light of the sharpening article from Monday, practice the discipline of simplicity in this way today.

Think back to the article on simplicity from Monday:

  • Make a short list of purchases you have made in the last few months, or the items on your wish list. Are you able to place them into categories that reveal the motivation behind them?
  • As you reflect on this list, is there anything you need to change or be mindful of in your purchases? Is there anything that after this reflection, you realize you no longer need to buy?

Prayer: After taking a moment to reflect on the motivations behind your purchases, what do you need to say to God? Whether it’s “thank you,” “I’m sorry,” “give me wisdom,” “help me,” or something else, tell it to your heavenly Father. Conclude by asking God to help you acknowledge Jesus as Lord over everything you buy.


Week 8 of 9 Simplicity


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