Taking the Simple Next Step | Simplicity for our Neighbor

Written By Reid Kapple

Campus Pastor - Olathe

Read: Re-read the passage from Monday. What new insights do you have?

Focus: The disciplines are practices that the Spirit of God often uses to do His work of shaping us to be more like Jesus. In light of the sharpening article from Monday, practice the discipline of simplicity in this way today.

Think back to the article on simplicity from Monday:

  • Read Psalm 62:10…Then read it again…and then maybe one more time….
  • Write down a specific way that your love for money has produced personal, relational, or social harm. Once you’ve done so, take a moment to confess it by offering up this prayer:
    Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
  • Take an inventory of things in your home or around your workspace to find if there is anything that you have set your heart upon in an unhealthy way.
  • Decide a course of action: confess it, remove it, discuss it, share it.

Prayer: Pray through Psalm 62:10 and ask God to open your eyes to the pursuits, purchases, or possessions that you have set your heart upon. Ask for wisdom and courage to know how to respond to this new insight.


Week 4 of 9 Simplicity


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