The Spirit in the Silence |Ten Minutes of Quiet

Written By Bill Gorman

Campus Pastor - Brookside

In a world full of noise, inputs, and distractions, learning to be silent in God’s presence and also silent to listen to others has the potential to be life altering.

Often this is referred to as the discipline of silence. Find a place to quiet your mind and whole self in order to attend to God’s presence. If this is your first time, just take 1 minute. If you have been following along, this week we will stay at 10 minutes of quiet. By all means, if you feel so led and have felt blessed by the opportunity to sit in silence before God, you may wish to extend it even beyond 10 minutes.

After the time of silence, journal about your experience.

  • Was it easy/fine/difficult?
  • Did it feel long or short?
  • What did God bring to mind? To-do lists? People? Feelings? Ideas? Why do you think those things came to mind?


Week 6 of 6 Study


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