Simplicity in Real Life | Simplicity in Real Life: Ben Beasley

AUTHOR: Ben Beasley

READ: Luke 9:10-17.
How does this story help us to trust God when resources seem scarce?
Focus: As we continue our growth in the discipline of simplicity, we need to hear stories of how God has worked through simplicity. Now listen in as Ben Beasly shares how he’s seen God work through simplicity in his life.

Prayer: Think about the needs you have in your life right now. Pray that God would provide for those needs and that you would trust Him to do so.


Week 1 of 9 Study

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  1. Jake Wike

    Great post and topic. Thanks for sharing , Ben!

    Through the right framework, I think minimalism can be a great tool for amplifying and focusing our faith life.

    Joshua Fields-Millburn, author of a few books on the topic and host of The Minimalist podcast has been quoted saying “Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things to help us focus on life’s most important things, which aren’t things at all.”

    I don’t think minimalism promises joy and fulfillment in having let go, but done right I think it promises joy being somewhere apart from compulsory consumption and accumulation (for believers, that joy would be in Christ alone). Perhaps that’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks for modern Christians in the overly advertised West—the pull toward acquiring status symbols. I know I’ve struggled with this greatly myself which is why discovering minimalism 5 years ago has been invaluable in helping me get my values straightened out.

    I completely agree that simplicity for simplicity’s sake isn’t the point (you can own 20 items and live in a van and still be miserable), but as Christians I think practicing letting go of our attachments to worldly things and the yearning for more trinkets can help refocus our hearts and minds on what’s most important, loving God and loving our neighbor.


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