Simplicity in Real Life: Jason Heppner

AUTHOR: Jason Heppner

READ: Mark 1:35-39.
How does Jesus demonstrate simplicity in this passage?

Focus: As we continue our growth in the discipline of simplicity, we need to hear stories of how God has worked through simplicity. Now listen in as Jason Heppner shares how he’s seen God work through simplicity in his life.

Prayer: Ask God to show you where you need to pursue simplicity in the busyness of life. Listen in silence for two minutes and write down anything that comes to mind.


Week 2 of 9 Study


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Praying Through God’s Word  | 04

Praying Through God’s Word | 04

Prayer tills the soil of the soul to receive the word of God. Take time today resting, delighting and listening to God in prayer. Take 10 minutes today to pray for God to speak afresh through His word, and that you would have “ears to hear and eyes to see” His truth and direction.

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