Getting a Glimpse of the Whole Book | Galatians Overview

AUTHOR: Holy Scripture

As we continue the discipline of study, understanding the context and flow of an entire book of the Bible illuminates the meaning of any particular text within that book.

This upcoming Sunday we will conclude our series on the Holy Spirit. Watch BibleProject’s overview of the book of Galatians as well as return to their Holy Spirit theme video. As you listen, reflect on how what you hear is connected to what we have learned so far. They will take just under 15 minutes to engage. We hope they are helpful to you to deepen your study of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy!


Week 6 of 6 Study


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Praying Through God’s Word  | 04

Praying Through God’s Word | 04

Prayer tills the soil of the soul to receive the word of God. Take time today resting, delighting and listening to God in prayer. Take 10 minutes today to pray for God to speak afresh through His word, and that you would have “ears to hear and eyes to see” His truth and direction.