Listen & Reflect on God’s Word | Romans 16:1-16, 2 Timothy 4 and 1 Corinthians 16:19

Written By Holy Scripture

As we study God’s Word, sometimes our ears are better than our eyes to immerse our minds and hearts into its truth. Today spend time listening to God’s Word wash over you.

Take time to listen to Romans 16:1-16 and 2 Timothy 4. After you spend some time listening and reflecting on these passages, think back to what you’ve learned about Priscilla thus far.

  • Are there themes in Priscillas’s life worth noting?
  • How is God working through her in His story of redemption?
  • Imagine meeting Priscilla and Aquila today. What do you think they would be like? Where would they work? Where would they live?


Week 7 of 7 Study


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