Praying with the Ancients | Psalm 150

Written By Holy Scripture

Since the first human being was called to work and keep God’s creation, we have created tools to empower fruitful work. The same is true in our spiritual pursuit of prayer. The Psalms have been the refined tools of prayer for God’s people for millennia.

Therefore, we would be remiss to not take time each week in our journey to deepen the discipline of prayer by praying with the ancient people of God by means of the God-inspired earthy prayers of the Psalter.

As we engage these ancient prayers we learn that the primary purpose of prayer is not to express “my truth” but to answer by means of Scripture the Triune God who has spoken, especially when that answer is raw, beautiful, vulnerable and recognizing God does indeed hear us.

Let’s pray with the ancients.




Today’s prayer is Psalm 150. As we dive in together, here is a little context to frame out the psalm.



The full-orbed praise of Yahweh:

I. WHERE? Everywhere both inside and outside. (1)

II. WHY? For his mighty works and his personal greatness. (2)
III. HOW? With every kind of musical instrument. (3-5)

IV. WHO? Every living creature that breathes. (6)

The Psalm in a Sentence

Everyone, everywhere should praise Yahweh with every means at our disposal for everything he is and all he has done for us.
  • LISTEN – Read Psalm 150 first to hear what God is saying.
  • WRITE – Reflect on what God is saying through this prayer to you. Write it in your journal.
  • SAY ALOUD – Read Psalm 150 now as a response to Him.

If you are interested in more resources on engaging the Psalms daily, Downtown Campus congregant, Jim Kutnow, provides a great resource at


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