Thank God It’s Easter Monday

AUTHOR: Tom Nelson

Lead Senior Pastor

Take time to reread the passage from Sunday. Review your notes. What is God bringing back to mind from His Word? Now listen in as Tom Nelson adds one more nuance we wish we could have shared on Sunday.



Week 4 of 4 Study

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  1. Susan

    Oh, Tom, thank you for this additional nuance! Returning to Brookside campus to read the Scripture Sunday was my first service since Christmas Eve 2019. What a glorious Sunrise service! Christ is Risen! From doubt to marvel, from marvel to belief, and from belief to JOY, Easter Monday’s empty tomb also will be a reminder that God is with (all of) us at our work. Mine happens to be at home as it’s my laundry day. Thank you, Christ Community, for bringing the Good News to me.


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Praying Through God’s Word | 04

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