Sharing God’s Work through His Word | 04

Written By Ben Laur

Associate Pastor - Olathe Campus

The discipline of study is not meant to stop with our internal awareness but should overflow in generosity for what God has revealed to you. As we tell others about what God has taught us, how He has changed our understanding, or how He has changed us, we present others with a precious gift: the opportunity to experience that same transformation by God.

Look back through the Tuesday article, Hearing God’s Word Through Others

  • If we are not intentional, the Christian message of Jesus’ resurrection may be easily overshadowed or absorbed into the mix of the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts, pastel colors, and marshmallow Peeps.  But as Christians, the resurrection of Jesus must be front and center in our Easter celebrations.
  • Take a moment to consider: What does Easter mean to you? How does Jesus’ resurrection give you hope and joy in this life?
  • Challenge: Think about someone you know whom you will talk to about how your Easter weekend went. As you make small talk about what this week was like, how can you speak about how Jesus’ resurrection has been personally meaningful for you this year? You might simply say something about how this Easter has reminded you of the hope and joy we have in Jesus. Don’t force it, but be intentional.
  • Pray that the Lord would give you the sensitivity to know when to speak about this and the boldness to do so.


Week 4 of 4 Study


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