Sharing God’s Work through His Word | 03

Written By Ben Laur

Associate Pastor - Olathe Campus

 The discipline of study is not meant to stop with our internal awareness but should overflow in generosity for what God has revealed to you. As we tell others about what God has taught us, how He has changed our understanding, or how He has changed us, we present others with a precious gift: the opportunity to experience that same transformation by God.

Look back through the Tuesday article, Hearing God’s Word Through Others


  • Take five minutes to reflect upon the fact that Jesus died on a cross. .
  • Think of one specific person you know who is not a believer.
    – Write down their name.
    – Think about how you could bring up Jesus in conversation this week.
  • Approach this from a posture of abundance and generosity, not a posture of neediness. Set modest expectations for this. Don’t worry about having a long or deep conversation or getting them to make a decision for Jesus (though that would be amazing!). Simply say something about Jesus and what He has done—through His word, through His death, or in your life.
  • Pray for this person, and name a time and place where you will have the opportunity to speak about this.


Week 3 of 4 Study


  1. Carol LaGue

    I absolutely loved this prompt to pray for and listen for a moment to enter in to someones life in a meaningful way that might lead to hearing where God is at work in their life or a window to their soul that will help me love them better. It reminded me of a 1 minute film that evokes such connection and emotion. Feel free to watch and then share by text or social media and then follow up with the person and ask what they thought of it.

    Praying now for someone God brought to mind that I know and want to love better.

  2. Gabriel Coyle

    Carol…thank you for sharing the video. Short, cute and moving. Also, so great to hear how God is working through this resource to be a catalyst in your walk with Him!


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