Praying Through God’s Word | 03

Written By Ben Laur

Associate Pastor - Olathe Campus

Prayer tills the soil of the soul to receive the word of God. Take time today resting, delighting, and listening to God in prayer. Take 10 minutes today to pray for God to speak afresh through His word, and that you would have “ears to hear and eyes to see” His truth and direction.

Holy Saturday is the day when God’s people sat in silence after the death of Jesus but before His resurrection. These first followers went about the Sabbath with questions, confusion, silence and fear wrestling over the death of their Lord.

  • Find a quiet space of solitude for a portion of the day.
  • Set a timer for the full 10 minutes. It can feel overwhelming to plan on 10 minutes of prayer. Just take it one minute at a time. 
  • Begin by acknowledging an attribute of God. 
  • Thank Him for who He is. 
  • Ask God to reveal any area of sin, destruction or wickedness.
    Confess those to God as the Holy Spirit brings them to mind from the past week. 

Ask God to be cultivating…

  • Peace within you through uncertainty.
  • Peace over you in the midst of doubts.
  • Sustained peace through trials and frustrations.
  • Peace in your heart, your home, our city, nation and world.

End with a declaration of trust in God hearing your prayers and trusting Him to show up among His people gathered on Sunday.


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