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Written By Christ Community Staff

On this Lord’s Day evening we invite you to enter and own this prayer by the Scottish theologian, Dr. John Baillie from his famous “A Diary of Private Prayer.” 

“Holy Spirit of God, you are a gracious and willing guest in every heart that is humble enough to receive you. Be present now within my heart and guide my prayer.

    For all the gracious opportunities and privileges of this day, I give you thanks, O Lord;

For the rest I have enjoyed today from work and chores;
For your invitation to keep this day holy for you;
For church and the ministry of public worship;
For the blessed sacrament in which, as often as we eat and drink it, we
   remember our Lord’s death and taste his living presence;
For all the physical symbols through which heavenly realities have
   today grasped my soul more firmly;
For the books I have read and the music which has lifted my heart;
For today’s friendly conversations;
For the Sabbath peace of Christian homes;
For the inner peace which has ruled within my heart.

   Grant, O heavenly Father, that the spiritual renewal I have enjoyed today may not be left behind and forgotten as tomorrow I return to the daily cycle of work. Here is a fountain of inward strength. Here is a purifying wind that will blow through all the business, work, and relaxation of the coming week. Here is light to illuminate my road. Therefore, O God, help me to discipline my will so that in hours of stress I may honestly seek after those things which I have prayed for in hours of peace. 

   Before I lie down to sleep, I commit all my dear ones to your unsleeping care; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” 


Prayer Prompt

Think of something that’s hard in your life, and pray for God to refine you and mature you through it, not necessarily only to deliver you from it.


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