Join Others Around God’s Word – Risen King

Written By Ben Laur

Associate Pastor - Olathe Campus

Today is the day—Easter Sunday! Our King has conquered, the war is won, and His victory is ours⁠—because Christ has overcome through His resurrection from the dead! As the angel said to the women at the tomb, “He is not here; he has risen!” This is cause for tremendous joy and celebration with God’s people!

  • Take a moment to read Luke 24:1-12, and pass along the joy of Jesus’ resurrection to someone else today. You may simply quote what the angel said—“He is not here; he has risen!”—or you may choose the common call and response:
    “He is risen!”
    “He is risen indeed!”
  • If you are unable to physically gather, or if you simply want to get creative, record a short video of yourself saying this, and send it to a friend!



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