Expanding our Prayer Practice | 01

Written By Reid Kapple

Campus Pastor - Olathe

The disciplines are practices that the Spirit of God often uses to do His work of shaping us to be more like Jesus. In light of the sharpening article from Tuesday practice the discipline of prayer in this way today.

Think back to the article on prayer from Tuesday, Why We Need to Learn More About Prayer

It can be difficult to know where and how to start learning about prayer. Regardless of how much you know about prayer it is never a bad idea to start with the psalms. The book of Psalms is the place in God’s word that is made up of the words of God’s people back to God. That might make your brain hurt if you think about it for a while.

  • Read Psalm 145 and focus in on verses 14-18
  • What is revealed about the character of God in this psalm?
  • How does it impact your motivation and desire to pray to God?
  • God desires to hear from us more than we desire to speak to him. Take a moment to pray to God the thing that is on your mind and heart in this very moment.


Week 1 of 10 Prayer


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