Kingdom Without the King

AUTHOR: Ben Beasley

Take time to reread the scripture passage from Sunday (Luke 19:11-27). Review your notes from the sermon. What is God bringing back to mind from His Word? Listen and watch as Ben Beasley, Associate Pastor at our Downtown Campus, adds one more nuance we wish we could have shared on Sunday.

Implicit in the phrase ‘post-Christian’ is this understanding that we are living in a culture that has rejected Christianity and that in fact, our culture has moved beyond it. But is this really true?



Submission Week 4 of 8



  1. Carol LaGue

    Wow, this was very insightful! I would love to keep learning with others how to best represent the kingdom with the King in our culture that wants the kingdom without the king.

    • Ben Beasley

      Thank you, Carol. I hope that this sermon series helps us to continue to learn together. All the best!

  2. Melody

    Yes! I agree. Mark Sayers is an incredibly wise voice for this time. Thank you!

    Melody McSparran

    • Ben Beasley

      Indeed. Thanks Melody!



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